MDR-41 Monochromator

ДФС-500 Оптико-эмиссионный спектрометр для анализа металлов
MDR-41 monochromator is intended to be used as a monochromatic light source in a wide spectral range.


MDR-41 monochromator is intended to be used as a monochromatic light source in a wide spectral range.
  • Off-Axis Parabolic Lens
    The instrument is built according to a proprietory optical arrangement using off-axis parabolic lens, which allows a considerable improvement of resolution, and reduction of stray light level in contrast to the conventional Fastie configuration.
  • A Mirror Condenser
    To illuminate the entrance slit of the instrument, a mirror condenser is used which contains an optical filter unit to remove the higher diffraction orders.
  • Applications
    Based on the MDR-41 monochromator, OKB SPECTRUM develops and manufactures specialized spectrometric installations for:
    • recording the spectral characteristics of light sources and photodetectors,
    • measuring the transmission spectra,
    • specular and diffuse reflection,
    • for exciting and recording the luminescence spectra.
    Liquid and solid samples can be studied with different illumination geometries..
  • Development of a complex according to your choice
    Spectrometric installations are built in accordance with the Customer's design criteria based on a MDR-41 monochromator or others. The installation operation is regulated by a microprocessor controller consisting of a base unit with a processor board and a stepper motor control board. Using additional modules, the controller provides a photomultiplier tube (PMT), photodiode, thermoelectric-cooled photoresistor, CCD array, performs signal detection in DC amplifier modes, photon counting, and synchronous detection. The controller is configured in accordance with the choice of the customer.
  • Configuration
    Depending on the required wavelength range and type of application, the installation is equipped with:
    • light sources (lamp, laser, globar) and detectors (PMT, photodiode, thermoelectric-cooled photoresistor, pyroelectric detector), respectively,
    • projection optical system ,
    • sample holders of the required configuration with the necessary motion adjustment mechanisms,
    • a temperature lamp for energy calibration,
    • a device for video surveillance sample area under investigation using a conventional lens or video camera, etc.
  • Installation and Management
    Installations are mounted on the same optical bench; laboratory furniture and accessories can also be supplied. The signal is detected in the modes of a DC amplifier, photon counting, and synchronous detection. Installation control and data processing is carried out from an external PC.