DFS-500. Optical emission spectrometer (options).

DFS-500. Optical emission spectrometer (options).

DFS-500: Description

  • Compactness and reliability
    DFS-500 is a compact, reliable modern device for the analysis of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for all alloying elements and impurities, including sulphur, phosphorus, carbon.
    More than 400 such devices are successfully used at metallurgical and machine-building enterprises of Russia and Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Brazil, India, and Korea.
  • Accuracy
    The excellent decision for metallurgical, foundry and machine-building production. DFS-500 provides determination of concentrations of all alloying elements and impurities with the accuracy exceeding the requirements of GOST and other regulatory documents.
  • Easy and convenient operation
    The open design of the table and a convenient clamping mechanism allow to analyze the samples of various shapes. There are special adapters for the analysis of rods and wires. Special inserts made of boron nitride allow to analyze the small-sized samples.
  • Various versions and advanced features
    There are a floor-mounted version named as DFS-500 and a desktop version DFS-500N, as well as DFS-500V version with an additional remote stand (for analyzing the large-sized and/or heavy parts) and DFS-500D with an additional air stand (samples of irregular shape, powders, geological sampling).

Additional solutions

Desktop version of DFS-500N.

Desktop compact version of DFS-500. Analytical features are fully identical with the standard version ones.

DFS-500V with an optional remote stand.

The optional remote stand of the spectrometer DFS-500V allows to analyze the parts and structures of various shapes, and dimensions and weights that cannot be mounted on the stage of main stand. The remote stage is also purged with argon, which ensures high accuracy of the results and allows to perform the analysis of sulfur and phosphorus in steels.

DFS-500D with an additional air stand.

In addition to the main stand, the spectrometer DFS-500D has an optional air stand with a generator and allows to analyze metallic and non-metallic powder samples, geological samples, irregularly shaped samples, etc.

The air stand generator provides the restructuring of the discharge modes in a wide range (unipolar and bipolar spark discharge of a controlled shape, an arc of direct and alternating current).
DFS - 500N
DFS - 500V
DFS - 500D