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ОKB Spectr company was created in 1989 on the basis of Spectral Instrument Design Department of LOMO Joint Venture – the largest in the country and world-known optical-and-mechanical enterprise. Our primary activity field is spectral instrument making. Over the time of its existence, OKB Spectr has covered the distance from development and manufacture of separate electronic units to autonomous design and production of complete spectral instruments.

Today OKB Spectr is the largest Russian manufacturer of spectral analytical instruments: spectrometers, spectrophotometers, monochromators. Our products are used in almost all industries: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology, ecology, food industry, as well as medicine and scientific research.

One of the main company objectives - the careful control and improve product quality. The quality management system of the OKB Spectr is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
Head of marketing and sales.
Head of sales of spectrophotometers and monochromators.
Head of department of analytics and service of emission spectrometers.
Adaeva Lyudmila M.
Ivanov Valeriy N.
Kiselev Alexey M.
Contact persons:
You can always reach us in any one of the following ways.
Aronshtam Mikhail S.
Head of Procurement and Cooperation.
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Our representative offices:

LLC "Siberia Techniology"
phone: +7 (383) 363-61-02, +7 (913) 913-68-47
e-mail: info@sib-ndt.ru
www.sib-ndt. ru
LLC "InTechSA"
phone: +375 (17) 511-31-36 +375 (29) 629-20-30
e-mail: intehsa@intehsa.by
PE Edreev A.Ya.
phone: +7 (922) 201-33-80
e-mail: alex@optek1.ru
PE Smirnov N.A.
phone: +7 (903) 749-55-16
e-mail: spectroanalit@yandex.ru
LLC "AlfaClass"
61071, Ukraine, Kharkov, per. Novomirsky, 12
phone:: + 38 057 7836552, 836553
fax: + 38 057 783655, 836554
e-mail: alfaklass@velton.kharkov.ua