ДФС-500 Оптико-эмиссионный спектрометр для анализа металлов
UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

SF-2000 spectrophotometer is a high-tech product incorporating recent achievements in optics, electronics, fine mechanics and algorithmization of computational processes.
  • Reliable design
    The optical system is stationary, which means that none of the optical components has to move during scanning. Absence of mechanical movement eliminates mechanical failures.
  • Rapid obtaining of the results
    Spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm can be measured just in few seconds.
  • Minimum operator's actions
    Dark current measurement, measurement of a reference and multiple samples (up to 9) is accomplished automatically upon a single command.
  • Compactness
    If the spectrophotometer and personal computer is placed on an ordinary desk, enough space is left for comfortable work of an analyst.
  • Elaborate ergonomics
    Access into the sample compartment is allowed by a large, fully swinging cover, therefore, the holder can be installed easily and conveniently. The spectrophotometer housing has minimum amount of controlling keys and switches.
  • Wide capabilities of controlling program
    You can operate in three modes of measurement having different level of automation::
    • determining absorbance values, measuring spectra,
    • computing concentration by the pre-programmed method (calibration curve),
    • determining speed of reactions (including multiple sample simultaneous kinetics).
  • Individual assembly
    Final assembly and adjustment of SF-2000 is accomplished with a stringent personal quality control so as to obtain the highest achievable performance individually for each instrument. Hence, our instruments often demonstrate the characteristics considerably better than what is specified in the spectrophotometer certificate.
  • Advanced features
    To expand the functionality of the spectrophotometer, the following has been developed and can be used: SFO-2000 mirror and diffuse reflectance add-on device has been developed and can be used to record the specular and/or diffuse reflectance spectra of various objects, the holder of the COD vial, the holder of the flow cell, the holder of the cell with the water jacket allowing to measure in the mode of thermal stabilization of the sample in the presence of a circulating thermostat.

SF-2000 series spectrophotometers are docketed into the State Registers of Measuring Means (MM) of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan :
State Register of MM of the Russian Federation No 18212-11

State Register of MM of Ukraine No. 18212-11

State Register of MM of Republic of Belarus No. 03 11 1120 11

State Register of MM of KZ No. 02.03.04192-2011/18212-11

  • Testing.
    All SF-2000 spectrophotometers are tested in accordance with a special inspection method governed by TU 4434-001-253109231-98. Every instrument passes its initial inspection with making a report and entry in its certificate.
  • Service.
    In the course of operation, SF-2000 spectrophotometer does not require any specific service. Depending on intensity of operation of the instrument, annually or more seldom you may have to replace exhausted light source.
  • Warranty.
    The instrument has an annual warranty, but if problems arose regarding usage of the instrument which is in operation for more than a year, you may telephone or e-mail our company, and certainly have a free, detailed consultation.
  • Assistance in installation and training.
    We are interested in effective utilization of our spectrophotometers, therefore we offer you our service in installation and instrument operation training directly on your premises. This will allow you to reduce the time of your employees' adaptation to a new spectrophotometer, evaluate and start active using its extended capabilities.