ДФС-500 Оптико-эмиссионный спектрометр для анализа металлов
UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

SF-2000 spectrophotometer is a diode array spectrophotometer. New design solutions used in SF-2000 allowed achievement of optimal balance of high operation speed, compactness and operational accuracy.
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    Device Design
    The instrument is arranged so that UV and visible channels operate absolutely separately, which eliminates their interference. All components that affect focusing, spectral range selection and detection are individually optimized for either channel.
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    Superior optical elements.
    The specrtrophotometer uses high-class quartz coated optical components to achieve outstanding transmission performance with a minimal stray light. The light beam is focused in such a manner that in the sample compartment the light passes through the lower portion of the cell only, so 1 cm high sample level is sufficient for measuring, i.e. 1 ml of sample is enough for a standard K10 cell. It is of primary importance when using the spectrophotometer in laboratories of medical centers.
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    UV sources.
    The UV light source uses high quality deuterium lamps from Hamamatsu (Japan), while in the visible light channel - halogen lamps Philips that have excellent light emission performance and reliability. Thus, you may be sure that even with intensive instrument operation, a need for light source replacement due to its exhaustion will not emerge soon. The lamp replacement procedure is very simple due to special design of quick-detach holders. Using light sources from the spare part kit fully eliminates any need for optimization of lamp position (adjustment).
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    Radiation detectors.
    The light detectors are CCD arrays with high sensitivity and resolution performance. With a precise technique of treatment of optical components, and new optical system solutions, this ensures spectral resolution sufficient for laboratory measurements including pharmacology. Slit bandpass of 1 nm means that you can register actually any spectrum without distorsion related to "smearing" of absorbance in narrow spectral bands. Measuring some segments of spectrum by the instruments with a wider slit bandpass may cause errors in absorbance values at selected wavelengths.
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    A high-speed computer communication interface.
    A high-speed computer communication interface (USB) ensures fast two-way data communication with the computer enhancing the operator's work comfort.